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Joint injections

Joint injections can be performed to help hip and knee conditions causing pain and in early arthritic conditions. A steroid with local anaesthetic injection can give instant relief, in most instances in clinic. Shoulder and small joint injections are also available. 

Visco-supplementation injections

Like steroid injections, these have an added component called Hyaluronic acid which helps lubricate the knee and is useful for treating early arthritis. 


Hand Conditions

Carpal Tunnel: I offer investigation and treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome which causes pain and tingling in the hand and fingers. In most instances nerve conduction studies can be performed to establish the diagnosis. Surgery can be performed as a day case with local anaesthetic.

Ganglions: Small, fluctuant lumps which are benign commonly appear on the back of the hand or wrist. I offer investigation and excision for treatment of this minor condition.

Dupuytrens: A benign but proliferative condition affecting the hands causing an inability to straighten out fingers causing restriction of function. I offer surgical release and specialist hand therapy input to treat this condition.

Other conditions treated: Trigger Finger, Base of thumb arthritis, Cubital tunnel (elbow) nerve entrapment, DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis.